For Chichen Itza

It was every bit as tall, every bit as beautiful as I imagined. Only we couldn’t touch it or climb it and there was a tangible emptiness for being so close and yet so far. What was inside? What did it contain? Who were these people? If I wasn’t fascinated before, my curiosity was piqued!


For Taj Mahal

So many of my friends who come to visit me in Goa, first fly into Delhi so they can go see the Taj. They take a day tour from Delhi to Agra and back to Delhi where they then fly onward to Goa. These tours are easy breezy and take out all the headache. You can do a Viator tour by car or a tour by train.

For Machu Picchu

While it’s no secret, people travel thousands of miles across the globe to witness one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in Machu Picchu, the reality is, if you come to Peru, just for that, there’s a multitude of beauty you’ll be missing out on.…